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we offer Training and educational activities in the field of healthcare

About company

SOGGIORNO, s.r.o. was founded in autumn of 2011. Our main focus is training and education, primarily in the medical field. During more than 10 years of our existence, we have held tens of workshops, seminars, and specialized courses, mainly for physicians and nurses from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. These events were mostly specialized in surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology. An important part of these events are practical seminars led by professionals.

In terms of corporate training, we offer courses on communication, presentation, marketing and management skills. We are the organisers or co-hosts of many significant medical congresses, conferences and symposia. During the realization of educational events, we collaborate with specialized companies and physicians, who are elites in their fields.

13 years

experience in the field


One of our priorities is to deliver on our promises and fulfil the expectations of our customers. Mutual trust and reliability are the basis for long-term collaboration with our clients, specialized companies, and hospitals.


We approach all contracts responsibly and efficiently, therefore our services are provided in high quality, with confidence and maximum effort. We are experts in adult education, and every new educational event is a challenge for us, no matter whether it is a course for only a few attendants, or a week-long congress.

Individual approach

We communicate individually with all our customers to figure out their expectations and settle on the specifics of our contract. Solution for each of our customers is found individually to fit their needs and demands, based on our previous expertise. We offer advice and we place high importance on feedback.


We are open to the opinions of our customers, their wishes and needs. Our approach is patient and with respect towards their limits. We believe that with a positive attitude we can find a fitting solution, no matter the difficulty of the contract.


We are able to adapt to individual needs of our customers and to the specifics of each contract. When it comes to unexpected changes, we can swiftly adapt to them and find a new solution.


In education, we put emphasis on learning in the form of experience, therefore the educational events we organise are interactive. During their teaching, lecturers use case studies, model situations and lead discussions with attendants. Practical exercises are led professionally, using modern tools and technologies.

We have been organizing courses for more than 13 years.


We have been organising courses for over 11 years. The list of our customers includes private companies, hospitals, specialized medical associations and even universities. We have been working with some of them for over 10 years. The courses, workshops and conferences we prepare for our clients are customized and fit to their needs.